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April 9, 2016
A famous existential quandary

New York City is famous for being one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. It is a leading city, exerting worldwide a powerful influence as a global hub of international business, commerce and much more. New York is home to many diverse communities, cultures and ethnic groups. In 2005, nearly 170 languages were spoken in the city and 36% of its population was born outside the United States. Therefore, professional translation and interpreting services play a major role.

Many international companies have already chosen for New York as their business destination. If you are planning to do likewise and you don’t speak American English yourself, we are glad to translate your vision into reality and bring to you the finest and most accurate American English language translations.

Translation of your documents guarantees that you are reaching those individuals directly and professionally in a language they can relate to. Using our translation services, you are improving customer satisfaction, enhancing customer access to your products and services, and increasing sales all at the same time.

At Day Translations, we are here to help you accomplish all of your translation and localization needs. We invite you to explore the many opportunities our company has to offer. We are sure you will not only discover a wealth of services but an unbeatable professionalism, customer care, and individualized translation solutions that are perfect for your business needs. We guarantee full satisfaction and accuracy of any translation.

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