English to Polish and Polish to English translation services.

acgtranslation is a company based in Canterbury, Kent (UK), owned by Dr Agnieszka Gordon PhD MBA, a Polish national who now lives in the UK providing English/Polish translation services, business consultancy and training.

I hold two higher degrees in Chemistry (MSc and PhD), a degree in business (MBA), and have over 10 years of translation experience. As a senior lecturer and researcher in chemistry at a major Polish University, I worked in a Polish-English bilingual environment, actively collaborating with colleagues from all over the world for 15 years. I combine my passions: languages, reading and science, with the job I love: translation.

My professional background, superb research skills, and years of experience in a bilingual environment, mean that I can offer you bespoke, high quality English to Polish and Polish to English translation services. I specialize in business, scientific or medical translation. My English/Polish translations read like an original document rather than a translation.   

The combination of my professional qualifications, and an in-depth knowledge of Polish culture and market guarantees than I can help you localize your webpage efficiently and effecti

vely. I provide extensive translation services for business, and am familiar with Polish and British markets, and modern business practices.

My services include:

Why use acgtranslation?

  • Linguistic, business and cultural expertise

My native language is Polish and I know the Polish culture, people, way of thinking and above all, the Polish language. However, being married to a British national, and having lived in the UK for several years, I also have an in-depth knowledge of British language and culture. I am well versed in both British and Polish business cultures. I maintain my familiarity with Polish culture and language by spending several weeks annually in Poland, I am also actively involved in the local Polish community, which gives me knowledge of the needs and consumer expectations of Poles in the UK. If you need to communicate with your Polish employees in the UK, I can provide you with an effective service, for example bringing knowledge of the needs and attitudes of the Polish community.

  • Ongoing scientific and technical expertise

My ongoing research collaborations with Polish and British researchers give me access to technical resources, otherwise not easily obtainable, and keep my scientific knowledge up to date. These contacts can also provide professional consultancy when needed.

  • A competitive advantage

My competitive advantage lies in combining my bilingual skills with extensive knowledge and experience in medical, scientific and business fields.

I may not come cheap, as I do not compete on price, but you can be assured that you will receive a translation fully catering to your needs, and of the best possible quality. In my translation work I enforce high standards, and can make sure that your message is conveyed effectively to the Polish market.

When you contract acgtranslation for your projects, you will get an experienced and knowledgeable translator proud to offer a service of excellent quality, with great attention to detail. Please do not hesitate to email me to discuss your requirements.

I can also provide translations of official and immigration documents such as certificates of birth, marriage, divorce and death, diplomas, educational records, letters of recommendation and more.