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August 26, 2022
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Anything that is written is a potential translation assignment. The MA in Translation program prepares you to translate treaties, laws, or press releases; user manuals, bidding specifications, or engineering plans; novels, poems, or plays; handwritten letters, medical textbooks, or historical documents; and much more!

The software and localization industry also relies heavily on translators to adapt programs and user manuals to other linguistic and cultural environments.


Language-specific coursework helps to develop students’ skills in translation mechanics working both in and out of their languages. We also prepare students to utilize the increasing number of computer-assisted translation tools available to professional translators.

Students also increase their domain and cultural knowledge by working with texts from various fields, including politics, the economy, science, technology, and the medical and legal fields, to name just a few.

Professional Training

Students get real-world experience by completing a translation practicum in which they experiment with their own individual translator styles and explore the complexities of working together on large-scale projects. They also participate in a career-oriented course, which helps to prepare them for the various markets in which they may work.

Languages Offered

All of the following languages are paired with English:

Faculty of the MA in Translation Program

Our master’s program not only provides a relevant curriculum, but also the opportunity to work alongside experienced translation professionals and learn from their expertise. Our faculty have a rich background in the translation field, working for governments and industries and as literary, legal, and medical translators.

Many of our faculty members are recognized authors, such as Dr. John Balcom, a translator of Chinese literature who received the 2006 Northern California Book Award for An Anthology of Stories, Essays, and Poems and Dr. María Córdoba, who has published numerous articles on the sociology of translation in scholarly journals. Learn more about our experienced and diverse faculty.

Internship & Career Opportunities

During their time at the Institute, our students have access to internships and professional opportunities at many international organizations, such as the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the U.S. Department of State and the National Security Agency.

Our students also spend their summers at other organizations and companies such as software companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, international corporations and law firms, and translation agencies. Many find that these internships and professional opportunities lead to full-time and freelance work upon graduation.

10 Ways to Prepare

Read about the ten ways you can prepare for our Translation, Interpretation and Localization Management programs, or visit our

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