Literary translation a practical Guide

October 30, 2021
Literary Translation - A

Mr Landers, a prize winning translator of many books, confidently answers questions instinctive to translators in a personal and friendly tone that puts the reader at ease. This book serves as an excellent guideline for successful maneuvering while quenching my passion for literary translation.Diane Teichman, inforMATIon, Issue 17, Summer 2008No book exists that takes such a practical and comprehensive approach to the myriad issues faced by translators of literature, and in sharing his wisdom in such an accessible way, with Literary Translation: A Practical Guide, Cliff Landers has, in his own charming, humble way, made an enormous contribution to our craft.Kirk Anderson, Welcome to!This book is a jewel, displaying in its facets: artistry, hard-headedness, patience, common-sense, courage and charm... His guide should have a long and useful life.Marilyn Gaddis Rose, ATA Chronicle, Vol. XXXI No 6It is an eminently practical (and accessible) guide to literary translation, and one which I am sure will prove invaluable to translators just starting out.Margaret Jull Costa, In Other Words, Autumn 2002What I find most valuable in this book is Landers' insight and knowledge gained from his years of experience as a prolific literary translator.Julie Huynh, Linguistlist 13.1821Landers' witty and accessible style makes the book a pleasure to read, and the humor that he injects into the discussion will coax occasional laughter from even the most serious readers.Donald Reindl, Linguistlist 13.904Written in an engaging, witty and accessible style, this practical guide provides a concise overview of techniques and tools for translating literary works for publication. Best read from cover to cover, this book will interest professionals but will prove especially useful and instructive for beginning and prospective translators.K. Rosnek, Choice September 2002Here is a guide that defies its generic limitations thanks to the flair and panache of its author.Elzbieta Wojcik-Leese, Perspectives: Studies in Translatology Vol 11 No 3

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