Old English sentence translation

June 7, 2018
The Old English inflected

These exercises range from those intended for beginning students to those offering drills and translation practice for the more advanced. They are designed in the first instance for ASNC undergraduates taking Part I, Paper 5 (‘Old English Language and Literature’), and should be used in conjunction with the grammar sheets and other resources given out in class.

Beginners should start with Exercises I and III. They are also advised to try some of the basic exercises available on the web courtesy of Peter Baker (here) and Murray McGillivray (here).

Use the drop-down to select an exercise to work on. For each question within the exercises, use the Glossary window to look up vocabulary and grammatical information; there is also a Notes area in which you can note down ideas and answers of your own. To reveal the correct answer to each question, click on ‘Reveal’. To advance through the individual questions in each exercise, click on ‘Next’.

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