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Translation does not simply mean word-for-word replacement; it requires proficiency in both the source and target language, an in-depth knowledge of both cultures, excellent writing skills, and above all an expertise in the translated subject.

In short, you need a professional translator to achieve the best translation you company requires

I offer English/Polish and Polish/English translation services.  Although I am effectively bilingual, all translations into English are fully checked by a highly educated (MSc and PhD) native English speaker.

My services include:

  • Business translation

    I help small enterprises with big vision to achieve their dreams, read more how I can do it here.

  • Scientific and Medical Translations.

    Scientific and medical translations require more than excellent linguistic skills and cultural awareness. Patient health is too important stake to get the information wrong. Click here to learn more.

  • Translation of official and immigration documents such as certificates of birth, marriage, divorce and death, educational records, diplomas, letters of recommendation, and more.

My other services include: editing, proofreading, and scientific and language consultancy. I also provide chemistry tutoring for GCSE, A-level and University students.


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